"LONG LIVE LOVE"  Bracelet


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Our classic token bracelet hand engraved with "LONG LIVE LOVE" on it. We are happy to customize color and string, so please specify in notes which token you would like and what type of bracelet. If you do not specify we will assume you are happy with a nickel token and waxed polyester string. Each bracelet is hand made so it takes our team 5-7 business days to create each item including making, hand tying the bracelet and packaging it. Shipping times depend on where you live, how many bracelets you buy and shipping option you choose. 

*Please Specify in the Notes if you would like Brass, Nickel, or Alkene (a tin-based metal with color similar to sterling silver and sometimes used as an alternative to those who react to nickel). String choices are Waxed polyester (Black,Blue,Red, or Purple) or Bamboo Cord (Grey, Purple, Blue, or Light Green)

10% of profits donated to Live the List Nonprofit